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Dracula Clothing

Sapphire Japanese Officer Coat NMD

Sapphire Japanese Officer Coat NMD

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The Sapphire Japanese Officer Coat, is a blend of classic gothic style and modernity. Drawing inspiration from the attire of Japanese officers with a goth twist,this coat embodies a blend of dark elegance and authority.
The coat is a harmonious blend of color and detail. The rich sapphire lining on black brocade adds a touch of luxury, featuring distinctive gray buttons that provide a subtle contrast to the exterior,while inside, the coat surprises with red satin lining, adding an unexpected twist and making it a versatile piece suitable for both formal events,casual outings or just a chilly evening at one of our favorite dark wave festivals.
The coat can be closed with its beautiful gray zipper and the buttons, not only serve to enhance the aesthetic, but to close the extra layer of the coat.


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