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Dracula Clothing

Black Brocade Japanese Officer Coat NMD

Black Brocade Japanese Officer Coat NMD

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The Black Brocade Japanese Officer Coat is a blend of traditional gothic and modern elegance.
It’s inspired by the attire of Japanese officers,but designed in accordance to classic gothic style
with intricate black brocade,with its interwoven black patterns to add depth and dimension. The deep black hue of this coat creates a contemporary and mysterious vibe, ensuring the coat remains a classic piece in any wardrobe, furthermore to ensure a stark and beautiful contrast, the coat reveals a vibrant red satin lining, that isn’t just finish off the luxurious aspect of the coat, but assures it’s comfortability and practicality along with the smoothly incorporated functional pockets and buttons.
Together the black brocade and red satin make this jacket a standout piece for a special occasion or a relaxed stroll in the city.

Created by Dacula Clothing

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