About Us

Here to Aid you in finding your favorite Expression!

Pair O’ Dimes Festival Fashion Boutique is owned by Jesse, whose goal is to bring people together by appreciating the present moment, and inspiring people to express themselves through fashion and art. He has been in the festival business for eight years; starting out as a festival vendor, this boutique owner has identified a need for epic fashion and thus Pair O’ Dimes was born!


This boutique is the culmination of hard work and great relationships. Our Denver community has supported us since our opening on April 20th, 2018 and we are constantly striving to bring you innovative and exciting new pieces to add to your wardrobe. We know that raves and festivals present an opportunity to express yourself through fashion, and we want to enable you to do just that! 


We want to be a staple in the Denver music community, and we plan to become that by continuing to partner with local artists, artisans and makers, and bringing their creations to our community. 


Here at our hub, local artisans do not just get to share accessories and clothing with the rest of the neighborhood, they also get to share good vibrations. You will be able to find yourselves and community among the beautiful and quirky people of Denver. At the very core of Pair O' Dimes Festival Fashion Boutique is a market for free expression and connection.


Unlike other stores, we do not utilize mass-produced clothing. Each piece is handmade and the fabrics, designs, and styles are intentionally picked by the artists and stitched together with love. This lets our clients and co-artists bridge into their own unique environment.

We serve all areas in the United States of America. Our business address is at 2727 Welton Street in Denver, Colorado. Visit us at our boutique today by making an appointment via phone call at our business phone number 303-353-2506. You can also contact us with ease through email at pairodimesinc@gmail.com.


If you are ready to expand your wardrobe and your community then it’s time for you to come into our store!


Our Logo Explained

Our logo consists of three major components:  The two separate symbols and the folding of them in the middle.  The first symbol on the left of the logo is a Reiki symbol, a sho-ku-rei.  This symbol is used to bring in the Reiki energy to a spot on the body during a session, and so for me it became a symbol directly incorporated with Spirit.  The second symbol is the Ankh, an Egyptian symbol directly connected to the breath.  It was originally a powerful tool from ancient Egypt that was used as an ‘electromagnet’ connecting your breath to your thoughts.  It has shown up all over Egyptian hieroglyphics and is said to be one of the major tools used for aligning your body, mind and spirit as a meditative item.  For these reasons I attribute the Ankh with the body.


The final aspect of importance is the fold, the two dimes creating a third space.  This shape is called a Vesica Pisces, which has been seen around many figures of faith ie. the Virgin Mary.  It has been perceived as a lens by mathematicians and is created by two circles of equal diameter intersecting to the point of their centers reaching the other circle’s outer circumference. My thoughts towards this symbol have always been attributed to the mind due to its similar appearance to the eye, and upon learning the mathematical aspects of it only drew me further to this conclusion.


So why are these three aspects so important to the #pairodimesshift? because they represent the spirit, the body, and the mind; and together create a full expression of humanity.  Here at Pair O’ Dimes we seek to aid in the connection of these elements by providing an immersive experience of the senses and providing the space for anyone and everyone to express themselves fully!