Unveiling the Desert's Whisper: Inspiration for this year's Fashion Function in the Desert Dust

The Playa is calling. Hear its beckoning, dear travelers, as we unlock the vault and analyze a random sampling of deep desert styles that may await you on the pilgrimage through Black Rock City.

Desert Nomad Chic

Step into the realm of desert nomad chic – a homage to wanderlust and timeless allure. Draped in flowing robes and adorned in earthy tones, you embody a tapestry of untold stories and mystical odysseys.

Your inner nomad is unchained, resonating with the echoes of ancient wisdom and unseen territories. Let statement jewelry and masterfully crafted brass pieces weave the saga of distant lands, your companions in this boundless nomadic sojourn.


Technicolor Dreamscapes

The Playa unfurls as your artistic canvas; let neon dreams, eclectic patterns, and futuristic reverberations grace your strokes. Ignite the night with the luminescence of holographic bodysuits and the hushed allure of spectral whispers, transcending the ordinary.

Technicolor dreamscapes await, where neon hues, a kaleidoscope of patterns, and futuristic accents intermingle in a chromatic symphony, transporting you to an alternate realm. Prepare to captivate as holographic bodysuits and LED-infused ensembles redefine the horizons of fashion.

Monarch of the Dunes

Ethereal enchantment stirs upon the dust. Maxi dresses, lace, fringe, and gemstones waltz in a whimsical symphony. Embrace nature's embrace, adorned in ethereal jewels. This style awaits those who embody their eminent royal enchantment.

Post-Apoc. Adventurer

Warrior's path unfurls, rugged and defiant as we celebrate resilience and survival. Fur vests, holster pockets, and utility belts forge a fierce identity. 

Fairies pockets
Nature belt pockets

Embrace your inner warrior and add a touch of Mad Max flair to your ensemble that stands as a testament to your indomitable spirit. 

Gypsybirds vest

Cosmic Nomad

Cosmos calls, cosmic nomads answer. Metallic fabrics shimmer, celestial prints adorn – a dance of the stars in every step. With each glimmer, you traverse the universe's mysteries. Embrace the mysteries of the universe as you radiate an otherworldly allure that twinkles beneath the stars and dazzles under the desert sun.

Nature Jedi vest 
Nature Coat
Holographic hat
Rainbo optix

Oh, but do rest, future traveler, for Pair 'O Dimes, your style sanctuary, stands ready. Vests, pants, coats, hats and pockets – they await to weave your tale into this desert's tapestry. The Playa whispers, the journey unfolds – let the desert's dances sculpt your style.

With the winds as guides,
The Poet Tree
First Mate, Pair O' Dimes


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