The Marigold is Open On Welton St.

The Marigold is Open On Welton St.

We're so excited, we wet our plants!


We've been patiently waiting for our new neighbors on Welton St. to open their doors and the day has finally arrived! If you're headed down to celebrate St. Patrick's day in Five Points, stop by Pair O' Dimes on the way!

Welton Street With Pair O Dimes Boutique and The Marigold Tavern

The Marigold team is planning to host plant workshops and live music, and anticipates offering its space as part of the Five Points Jazz Festival in the summer. Kudva isn’t worried about having two bars on Welton Street, because the bars are very different: The 715 Club is more of a dark dive bar with a side of dancing. And he likes being in the area. “We are all local, we all live here, and we want to be a partner in Welton Street’s improvement,” he explains. "We’ve opened a number of bars, and they usually take about nine months," Kudva notes. "We’ve been working on Marigold for two years." But now it's finally ready to bloom.

- Westword: A New Bar and Plant Store Is Finally Ready to Bloom in Five Points

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