Juicy's Journal and the Multiverse of Fabness

Juicy's Journal and the Multiverse of Fabness

We're launching our online journal!

Follow the adventures of Pair O' Dimes founder Jesse and his cavalier community of creators and makers.

We'll announce specials and sales, new products and new artists/lines through our blog, and keep the community vibe goin' with news and information about our Five Points neighborhood and events on Welton St.


 Navigate the vibrant Pashmina forests and jungles of jewelry and gems.Gems and Jewels in the Jungle


We will travel the rivers of rave-ware...A multicolored sparkling river


...and the bizzare badlands of burner gear

Get lost in the floating fields of high quality hoops or ground down in our pocket crystal cave. Our crew will keep you comfortable and entertained on our expedition through the Festival Fashion wilderness.  

Join us here  (Dimes.Market/blogs/juicys-journal) for more!

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