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Welcome to Pair O' Dimes Festival Fashion Boutique

We are not your average boutique - we operate on the understanding that every person is unique, and that the festival experience is the ultimate expression of “self”. You are bold and bright and the clothes that you wear should reflect that, which is why we source unique, one-of-a-kind pieces from Colorado artisans and makers. Whether you are looking for a rave outfit for your annual Global Dance experience, an outfit for burning man, or searching for your next festival outfit staple - we have the vibrant and fashionable pieces that you are looking for! Crystals, leggings, leather accessories - you name it, we’ve got it.

Our Mission is to celebrate the intersection between fashion, music, and self. We believe that music and fashion are the ultimate forms of expression and we aim to celebrate them by curating hand-crafted, thoughtfully made pieces from local artisans. Our community members move to the beat of their own drum,and we aim to create a seamless harmony with each and every customer.

Music-lovers. Art-makers. Lovers. Friends. Energies. Beings of the universe. We are a reflection of our community and our customers, and there is no way to put that into a box! We are ready to connect you with pieces that will better your life because everyone deserves to love the clothes they’re in!

If you are shopping in Denver and looking for exciting, unique pieces to add to your wardrobe then Pair O’ Dimes is the boutique for you! We source every piece of clothing ourselves so we can speak first-hand to the quality as well as the artist. It’s time to elevate your festival outfits, level up your burning man costumes and exceed your rave outfit expectations - it’s time to come into Pair O’ Dimes! 

Rave Outfits

Denver has some amazing annual raves including Decadence and Global Dance, so it only makes sense that we need to sell unique and eye-catching rave outfits. Our collection of unique items is sure to make you stand out from the crowd - plus a lot of our pieces are functional so you can stay comfortable as you dance the night away. Check out our collections online or come in today!

Burning Man Outfits

Burning man outfits tend to consist of two things - elaborate costumes or practical wear for the playa (linens, hats, scarves, etc.) When you come into Pair O’ Dimes you will find a wonderful blend of practical and vibrant outfit options. We have recently introduced a local hat collection, and carry an amazing array of outfits that will accentuate YOU! Many of our local artisans attend Burning man themselves, so they are very aware of the balance that needs to exist in your outfits - come in today to shop your selection, or check out our online catalog

Festival Outfits

Festival season is our favorite season for a few reasons - live music, festival outfits and new friends! We love seeing people express themselves through fashion, which is why we offer the selection that we do. The local artisans that we source our outfits from create each piece thoughtfully and with intention - it’s their form of expression, too. Finding artists that you identify with and want to wear is what drives us - so come in today to find your new fit!

Hand Crafted Fashion for an Artisan Life!

Shopping for festival clothing is an art form. It can be exhausting and expensive so you have to make your decisions wisely.  That is why those of us here at the Dimes strive to find the best designs, thinking about the functionality and form of all of the items we carry.

From the practical to the Piece de' Resistance we work hard to provide it all, because it doesn't matter if it will be worn at special occasions or every day, it should be unique and one of a kind!!

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